The performance of wireless connectivity is highly dependent on the physical (geometry, construction materials, and furnishings) and RF environments of the install. In typical building environments, up to 30’ line of sight to door can be achieved with the 2.4GHz Bluetooth Low Energy. A site survey is required to identify items that may impact communication range. 

New construction

Existing construction

Managing frequency bands

When planning an install for new construction where the building is not complete and fully operational, the planning should be based on the gateway being within 30’ line of sight of the door.  An additional 10% contingency should also be planned for with the number of GWEs to support full coverage at the time of install.  

When planning an installation for an already occupied building (upgrade or retrofit) a more analytical site survey should be completed before purchase.

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is the communication method utilized between the ENGAGE Gateway and locking devices on the 2.4GHz frequency band.  There are techniques that can be applied to help reduce interference with communication.

Direction matters

The orientation of the gateway antenna is important. The antenna should have a vertical orientation to maximize performance.

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