What type of solution do I need?

ENGAGETM web portal

Why choose
wireless locks?

- Video: Connect and Control
more doors

- Case Study: Jones County
Junior College

Standalone with ENGAGETM
web and mobile apps

Self management system

Periodic updates

Use ENGAGE web & mobile apps

Networked with Software Alliances

Service provider manages system

Real-time updates

Implement new or integrate with
existing EAC system

Improving security while reducing operational costs

Simplified installation – Schlage wireless locks combine the locking device, credential reader, battery power, and access control sensors into one integrated unit that can be easily installed in minutes versus hours

Less disruption – Schlage wireless locks eliminate the need to run wires to each opening which is extremely beneficial with concrete construction, solid ceilings, and remote locations

Flexible connectivity options - Schlage wireless locks are designed to fit existing infrastructure and can be managed inside or outside of your IT network. Options include RS-485, IP, Wi-Fi, and No-Tour.

Easy to manage – choose to manage with ENGAGE™ cloud-based web and mobile apps or add these wireless locks to your existing EAC system* *Please review the Software Alliance Integration Reference Guide for compatibility

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